Fast Food Punks

Migration Office

Migrate your punk to the new standarized ERC-721 kitchen


Why a migration?

The migration is an important step in our roadmap to allow the project to advance to the next level. By migrating the tokens to a custom ERC-721 smart contract, we will be able to keep expanding the project and give more value to our community.

How does it work?

You allow us to burn your token and mint a new one. It's done with a two step process: an approval and a mint.

Introduce your punk number in the form after approval and we'll burn the old token and give you a new ERC-721 replica.

There's no rush to migrate, wait for a moment when gas fees are low.


- Connect to Metamask with your wallet containing your Fast Food Punk.

- Click on Approve to confirm the transaction that will allow the new contract to burn your old Fast Food Punk and mint the new one in the next step. Wait for the transaction to complete.

- Introduce the number of your Fast Food Punk.

- Click on Migrate and confirm the transaction.

- After the transaction is completed, your old Opensea punk will be burned and you will receive a new ERC-721 Fast Food Punk.